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Bright Futures supports Grammar School student

Delighted Grammar School student Pieter Durman is preparing for a degree course at Cambridge thanks to support from the Bright Futures skills initiative.

Pieter, who intends to read Natural Sciences, is Bright Futures’ first placement and his examination success has been welcomed as ‘A fantastic result’ by the organisation’s founder Susie Crowder.

Bright Futures launched in June and aims to enable people of all ages to acquire skills through education or re-training which might be denied them without support from the limited by guarantee organisation. Support is given through grants or loans, depending on individual need.

‘Making our first placement is a major landmark for Bright Futures and we have two others under active consideration. It is hugely satisfying to be able to provide an opportunity for islanders of all ages to add to their skills base,’ said Susie.

Pieter, who attracted broad media attention by organising an environment conference, relishes the chance to study climate change and its broader issues at university and appreciates the support he has had from Bright Futures.

‘Climate change and green issues in general are often promoted as involving some sort of self-sacrifice but what we would like to talk about are the economical and health benefits of living more sustainably,’ he said at his St James event. ‘There are some really interesting developments in sustainable investments and some interesting things that the financial sector can do as certain things like fossil fuels will become un-investable. We need to make massive changes in the economy to hit the climate target of a two-degree drop.'

His passion for learning and interest in the future economy and climate was clear to the Bright Futures executive when they decided to help him. Led by Patron Guy Hands, the board felt that Pieter was a shining example of someone who would continue to train and add to his skill-set throughout his career.

The new and innovative not for profit venture has been established here to provide professional impartial career advice and mentoring; vocational educational funding for all age groups; and a commercial analysis of existing and required skills in the workplace. ‘Our purpose is to encourage islanders and their employers to recognise the threats and opportunities of the changing nature of the workplace and raise awareness of the skill requirements necessary to ensure Guernsey retains a competitive position in the world,’ said Susie.

She pointed out that ‘The skills and ingenuity of our people are at the heart of Guernsey’s economic prosperity. We believe that improving those skills is the best survival and growth strategy for the island.’

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