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Bright Futures forges relationship with a major skills expert

Bright Futures’ focus on helping to equip people with the right skills for future business and employment is adding to the expertise available to the charitable group through membership of the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB).

Having already supported a number of local people as part of its remit, Bright Futures is working with professional organisations from around the world to ensure that the island is well placed to deal with the skill requirements of industry. ‘Joining the NCUB (which, like us is not for profit and independent) will enable us to work alongside and collaborate on essential research to gain a better understanding of where the existing and anticipated skills gaps of the future lie. The organisation promotes, develops and supports university-business collaboration across the UK which will prove useful to us in some of our work on the island,’ said Bright Futures Founder Susie Crowder.

She confirmed that Bright Futures will actively participate in NCUB research and activities relating to the future requirements of the workplace. ‘Gaining a clear understanding of the needs of industry and identifying ways to bridge those gaps is an important area of work for us,’ she said.

NCUB Chief Executive Dr Joe Marshall commented: ‘We are delighted to welcome Bright Futures LBG as a new member of NCUB. I am looking forward to working in partnership with them on the collaboration agenda, and specifically on furthering Bright Futures’ objectives and ambitions in the Channel Islands by connecting them with the insight, intelligence and experience in our network of national leaders. ”

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